Buy & Sell Grains Online

Grainex is an online grains trading platform that lets you buy and sell grains without leaving the comfort of wherever you are or bothering about logistics and storage.

You buy when it's cheap

At harvest, a 100kg bag of Maize sells at may be 12, 000.

You sell when it's expensive

In a few months, the same 100kg may sell at 18, 000.

We take care of everything else

We buy for you, store and preserve the grains.

When you buy, we buy. When you sell, we sell.

When you sign up or download our app, you have everything you need to be a successful Grains Trader. We provide transparent market prices in real-time to enable you to make the right decision on when to buy and sell. While you trade online, we move physical grains offline. When you buy online, we buy from the market and stock our warehouses. When you sell, we sell.

Facilities & Technology

In order to ensure we always have the best price for you, we have warehouses at village markets across different location. This allow us buy directly from farmers. We also have the technology to preserve the grains for as long as you want, until you give us the order to sell.

How it Works

Register on Grainex

You can register on Grainex through our web application or by downloading our app on the Android Playstore or Apple app store. Register now.

Keep a tab on Market Trends

Grainex provides enough information to help you make the right decisions. This includes price trends, past peak price, price history, etc.

Buy Grains

On Grainex, we make it easier for you to buy grains from the comfort of wherever you are, at the best price. Our prices are transparent and verifiable.

When you buy

After buying the quantity you want on the grain you selected, we actually buy the same volume and store it in one of our warehouses

Sell your Grains

You can always see the current value of your grains and the accumulated profit in realtime. And you can decide to sell at any time.

When you sell

When you sell your grains we make the current grain value instantly available in your wallet for immediate withdrawal. No delays.


Umar Abdul


“I sponsored myself through the university through produce storage. I’m happy someone has made it easier to do it online without getting dirty.”

Tersoo Gabriel


“Grainex is simply amazing. Instead of keeping my money in the bank and receiving debit alerts of VAT, and alert fees, I’ll buy grains here and make money instead.”

Joshua Olayemi


“This is a great idea. A great way to earn a passive income. I’ve signed up already.”

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